• Simran Chuhan

The Art of Journalling

"If you don't get it off your chest, you'll never be able to breathe."

A little insight into why I started journalling every morning, what I write about, and the ways in which journalling has helped my mental health.

Journalling. What is it? Why have so many people suddenly began doing this? Is it cliche or childish to write out your thoughts and feelings? Is it embarrassing if I do it? What if my family read what I've written? These were all questions that I had last year too, so I did my research and tried to understand the benefits and reasoning behind this activity that has gripped the lives of many individuals my age. As those closest to me know, I love watching YouTube, it's one of my favourite ways to pass time, just to sit back and watch the variations of people that exist in this world along with me. Last year, numerous videos appeared in my recommended section all about journalling, and the power it holds. I will attach some of those videos at the end of this post if any of you wish to learn for yourself, or are just curious.

My very first journal entry was on January 2nd 2020, at 08:57 a.m to be exact. It felt weird at first and made me feel like a child, or somebody who is so afraid to express their feelings that they have to hide away at their desk and write down their thoughts in a little notebook instead. I made a promise to myself to try and journal everyday if my mind could handle it, and I have to tell you, I haven't done so badly. My journal is nearly at its end and I'm getting ready to order another one, something bigger this time, as I'm learning more and more about myself everyday. It has taught me so much about myself, which is quite odd because you are literally just writing out thoughts from your own mind, so how can it possibly change you, right? But, it's not as simple as that.

I began pouring my heart out each and every morning, on both good and bad days. Any thoughts, feelings, past emotions, trauma, dreams, people I see, how I feel towards those around me, how I'm feeling on each day, my goals, my steps to reaching those goals, my insecurities, my self-esteem, how I feel in my own skin, EVERYTHING! Consider your journal your confidant, or a secret best friend, with whom you can share every inch of your heart and mind on any given day. After just two weeks of journalling, I began noticing a change in my behaviour, mindset and daily attitudes towards life. Suddenly, all of those videos I'd watched about people sharing their experiences with journalling, began mirroring themselves in my own life.

Journalling brings a sense of calm, peace, contentment, relief, and safety, all bagged up in one. We all wake up with a thousand thoughts and tasks in our head, and at times, it can feel suffocating, for your body and mind, and some, like me, struggle to find an outlet for all of these emotions or thoughts. So, having your journal there at your bedside table, at your desk, or in the bag that you take everywhere, can provide more comfort than you can imagine. On those mornings where you are feeling so much that you can't even speak or think straight, when you are feeling bothered for absolutely no reason, when you are still upset about something that happened last night, or even something from ten years ago has suddenly taken up an unwanted space in your mind, write it out! Grab your journal, or any piece of paper if you don't have a journal to spare, and let your heart pour out. You'll be surprised to see just how much energy you can release onto that page, and once you have done so, you may be able to connect the dots and realise what was making you feel that way.

I guess to finish off, I'd just like to tell you that if you struggle with your mental health like me, and often wake up in grumpy moods with thoughts you can't explain, buy a journal and just go for it. It changed my life, and it can change yours. It made me a little more positive every day, made my mind and chest feel a whole lot lighter, gave me that push in the mornings that I sometimes need, and allowed me to let go of any toxic energy that was building up there. So, give it a go! What's the harm in trying? Especially at a time like this, where anxiety is at an all-time high for many, a bridge between your mind and a happy place can be found through the art of journalling.

If you want to learn more, here are some videos which inspired me to begin journalling:

Stay safe and take care.


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