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My 7 Self-Care Rituals

This is for those days when you need a pick-me-up or just a hug. I like to do these things to appreciate myself and brighten my day up and for some reason, Sundays are usually my self-care days. Think of this as one big hug from you to yourself.

1) Put on a face mask - Now, this might sound a little cliche and like those scenes in rom-com movies where you and your friend put on face masks and have a sleepover to talk about boys, BUT, trust me, it's just as fun doing this by yourself. There's a lot of pressure on both men and women to look their best at all times, but this isn't the reason why I like this, moreso, it makes me feel special and is luxurious yet free! If you are bored, or feel a little slobby, smack on a face mask and have a moment to yourself. When you take it off, stare into the mirror and appreciate yourself because we don't do this enough. I'm not saying that face masks can solve life-long issues or drastically improve your mental health but little things add up and the main focus here is to make yourself smile! :)

2) Play those tunes baby! - I don't know about you but the one thing that has been constant in my life is music and my love for it. Honestly, I don't know what I would do without it. I could be cooking, showering, studying, cleaning, daydreaming, driving, walking and you can guarantee that I will have some music playing. There is something quite healing about putting on your headphones and playing music really loudly because it allows you to escape from the moment you're in, and find solitude in something that requires you to do absolutely nothing except simply listen. Recently, I've been really into the music of Snoh Aalegra, Sebastian Mikael, Daydream Masi and Cautious Clay - check them out if you want.

3) Read a book - Ever since my teenage years, I have always escaped reality through a good book as this is how I relieve myself of any stress or heaviness I'm experiencing. Get a cup of coffee or tea, find a quiet corner of your house, put your feet up and just read. Feel every word, read every line, empathize with the characters, leave this life for a short period of time and enter your own bubble, your safe space. Books are something that cater to all but are not always loved by everyone, however, there is honestly something for every type of person and it is one of my favourite activities to do on a day of self-care. My favourite types of books are books about different cultures, books based on historical events, biographies, poetry and romance novels. Let me know what you love reading too :)

4) Journal - I will be publishing a whole other blog post all about journalling and its benefits for mental health but I decided to include it in this list because it plays a huge part in my self-love and self-care rituals. Sometimes after a difficult day or draining week, you have a lot of emotions that have built up inside of you but you can't seem to find the right person to talk to or if like me, you're not good at showing heavy emotions, writing all of those feelings in a journal is a lifesaver. Think of it as a diary (no, it's not childish), and just pour your heart out, and often you may find, this is easier than venting your emotions on somebody you know. After doing this, I promise you you'll feel a little better, if not much better!

5) Facetime a friend - I have a pretty small circle of friends and sometimes, you need or want to talk to somebody outside of your own home. In a frightening and anxious time like this, where nobody has any clue when lockdown will completely end, it's a relaxing feeling seeing your friends over facetime and sharing what both of you have been up to. It makes you feel more human, feel loved, feel more alive, and assures you that there are people out there who truly love and care about you. So, on the next day you're free and are feeling down, pick up your phone and call a friend. Talk about the latest TV shows, your mental health, how you feel everyday in lockdown, what activities you've been doing, etc.

6) Dance - In no way shape or form am I a professional dancer, but letting your body move freely to a good beat is such a great way to appreciate yourself and bring a smile to your face. Me and my sister love playing a good song whilst we're in the kitchen cooking and just dancing crazily, no structure, a lot of the time off-beat, but just enjoying the moment. When you're dancing, you lose control of where you are, you think of nothing but the music singing to your soul and recently, it's one of the things I've been doing to just laugh and feel free. Let your body move, don't be embarrassed and just have fun with it.

7) Do something you love - Often, we struggle to find time for ourselves and to do activities that we thrive in due to so many reasons. On a self-care Sunday like today however, do something just because you love doing it. For me, I love cooking a good meal and eating it without thinking about gaining weight, or gaining an extra tummy roll or not having abs like the girl I just saw on Instagram. This activity could be absolutely anything; playing video games, painting (even if you feel like you're not good at it), decorating an area of your house, clearing out your wardrobe, watching a movie, dressing up, laying in the garden, dancing, or following a new recipe from YouTube...the options are endless!

You are not a machine that can work and work and work, so learn to love yourself and take care of this precious body you've been given. I hope you've enjoyed reading this and take something from it to love yourself that little bit more and feel free to send me any comments either below this post or on my Instagram @__selfcarediaries.

Just please take some time out for yourself because you truly do deserve it!

Take care and stay safe.


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