• Simran Chuhan

Introduction from Me to You

Hi. It's Simran here and this is the first ever blog post I've written so bear with me whilst i get used to all of this. I'm a simple, introverted 22-year-old from the UK and I'm hoping to be a strong voice for those struggling with mental health, self-love and mental well-being issues. I'll be posting as much as I can in between the free time I have from studying for my Master's Degree, and I hope my posts are relatable for a lot of you.

We all struggle with these issues at least once in our lives, some like to speak about them or others, like me for many years, prefer to keep it all boxed up. There is nothing wrong with keeping things boxed up if you have nobody to speak to, but once you begin letting any worries or bad thoughts out, I promise, it makes a world of difference. It can be difficult to even smile on particular days, let alone leave the house or speak to anyone, and I for one, completely understand these feelings, due to various reasons. This blog has not been set up as a way to get famous (ew, cringe), but moreso, for us to have a safe platform to talk about topics which are so important, especially in the modern world!

Lets see where this journey takes us and make sure to keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post! Stay safe.


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