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6 Feel-Good Movies For When You're Feeling Down

This is a weird time for us all and quarantining is something that none of us could have imagined for 2020, but...there is still room for a bit of fun and laughter! Here are 7 feel-good movies that will help lift your mood if you're having 'one of those days', feeling down, are not in the mood for studying or working, or simply need something to watch. I hope one or more of these movies will bring a smile onto your faces because they have made me happy in the past when watching them. For me personally, watching a feel-good movie is one of the best ways to lift my spirits, change my mindset from a negative one to positive, and decrease any stress that I'm carrying in that moment. So, let's get started!

1) Booksmart (2019) - Wow! This movie had it all. I watched Booksmart for the first time a few months ago and there was barely a moment when I wasn't laughing my head off - seriously, it's that good! Whatever you're looking for, whether it's romantic, funny, sad, hysterical, or just crazy scenes, this movie genuinely has it all. I promise you will watch this and laugh until you cry, along with reminisce about high school days, which for me, were some of the best days of my life. The fact that the two main characters Molly and Amy literally represent me and my sister kinda made me love it even more so if you're in need of a good cheer-up and want to see the most amazing cast, give Booksmart a watch.

(P.S. the soundtrack for this movie is INSANE).

2) Rush Hour 2 (2001) - Name a better duo, I'll wait. This movie, again, is hilarious and a great one to watch if you've had a bad day. A classic that'll never really get old and even though I haven't watched the first one, I loved every second of this! Come on, you've got to love a bit of Jackie Chan, what a man, an icon! The timing of the comedy was excellent, as was this acting duo so I'd definitely recommend this for a cozy movie night with your family or besties.

3) About Time (2013) - Now, I know what you might be thinking. Another romance movie with cringey kiss scenes and cliche dialogues, but this movie is anything but that. It's awkward, funny, charismatic, different, and not the typical rom-com that everyone seems to hate nowadays. I can't believe it was released so long ago, but it's a timeless movie (no pun intended, you'll get the joke if you've watched the movie) and one that you can sit and enjoy with your family. Do you ever get that warm feeling in your stomach when watching a movie because it just exudes light and joy? This is it. Oops, I nearly forgot to mention that whilst watching it, you'll also get to stare at Rachel McAdams's gorgeous face for 2 hours, what more could you ask for? #girlcrush

4) Girls Trip (2017) - Wild! I watched this movie with my sisters and we were in stitches - Tiffany Haddish is one of the finest actors of this generation and honestly, she lights up the whole movie. The comedic timing, cast, one-liners and overall vibe of the movie are exactly what you need if you're feeling down (which is a common feeling during quarantine), so if you're in the mood for an easygoing yet crazy movie, give this a watch.

5) Someone Great (2019) - Ahhh! There are too many heartwarming and hilarious scenes in this movie to fit into a few lines, but let me just say that it will definitely make you smile. From the iconic dance scene with Lizzo playing in the background to the tear-jerking scene set by a water fountain in NYC, it's a roller-coaster of emotions. A movie you can watch with your partner, best friends or siblings - and one that kinda makes you appreciate your friends more whilst leaving viewers with the lesson that life is not meant to be taken too seriously!

6) The Hangover (2009) - Do I even need to say anything? I was quite late to jump on the bandwagon but I finally gave in and watched 'The Hangover' franchise and honestly, I totally understand what the hype was all about. A group of not-so-intelligent 30 something year-old's trying to get through a highly unlikely situation in Las Vegas, pretty much sums up this movie, and for that reason, you should watch it.

Let me know your thoughts if you've watched any of these movies.

Thanks for reading and stay safe :)


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